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Aquatic Ecology

Steve Golladay – Team Lead

Water Scarcity: Global problem, local solutions

Aquatic biologists study life in the water.

Water is essential for life. Yet, we live in a time where water is increasingly scarce. Globally, humans are already using more than half of the available fresh water every year. Our increasing demand for water threatens the health of streams, rivers, wetlands, lakes, and the biota that live within.

Recognizing this problem, our program has developed with the premise that global problems require local solutions. We use our study area, the lower Flint River Basin of southwestern Georgia, as a case study for understanding and providing solutions to water scarcity. Much of what we learn is relevant elsewhere.


Aqua-Biol produced a virtual field trip to Radium springs in support of the Society for Freshwater Science, Summer of Science 2020.

  • Smith, C.R., C.E. Fallon, and S.W. Golladay. 2020. Radium Springs: History and virtual field tour (video). Society for Freshwater Science, Summer of Science 2020. 

Steve Golladay was a virtual instructor for the UGA Odum School, Environmental Problem Solving, Maymester Class. He led an interactive session with the class examining water scarcity in the lower Flint River Basin. May 28, 2020. 

Christine Fallon has been awarded a USFWS Directorate Fellow for the summer of 2020. This is a prestigious and competitive program that gives students experience with actual natural resource management and conservation within federal agencies. Following successful completion, student fellows earn a GS rating and credit towards federal employment. Christine collaborated virtually with USFWS personnel at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Vian, Oklahoma.

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Focal Areas of Research

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