Advisory Committee

Mr. Robert Larimore

Chief, Environmental Division
US Army Garrison

Mr. Larimore joined the Jones Center Advisory Committee in 2010. He has a B.S. degree in Forest Management from Auburn University and has worked forover 35 years in natural resources management with the Department of the Army at all levels; Installation, Region and Headquarters.

Mr. Larimore began his career with the Army in 1983 at Fort Benning, Georgia where he worked for over 20 years, eventually rising to the position of Chief of the Land Management Branch for the installation. Since then he has worked as the Natural Resources Program Manager at all levels of the US Army’s Installation Management Command, to include Southeast Region, Atlantic Region, and Headquarters, providing support and oversight of conservation and land management activities at more than 70 Army installations worldwide. In 2015, he returned to Fort Benning to head the installation’s Environmental Division and in 2018 transferred to USAG Italy located in Vicenza, Italy. He is currently serving as Chief, Environmental Division, US Army Garrison, Alaska.

Mr. Larimore brings a unique blend of experience to the Jones Center Advisory Committee. He has participated in and supervised a broad range of resource management activities, including forestry, wildlife, prescribed fire, endangered species, ecological restoration and monitoring. He has been a leader in promoting and implementing conservation-oriented management approaches on military bases and has been invited to share his experiences and ideas with many different groups. He has been indirectly involved in research projects, both large and small, serving as an important collaborator on multiple DOD and TNC funded research projects over many years. He has a unique understanding of the interactions between natural resource management and research.