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Brent Howze – Alumni Spotlight

Where are you now and what are you doing?

Since 2012, I have been employed with the GA Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Resources Division in Albany Georgia. I am currently a Senior Wildlife Biologist working in the Game Management Section. My primary duties include the management of state owned and leased land, wildlife surveys, and overall wildlife management and technical guidance within the 29 county area of Southwest Georgia. This position allows me to pursue many facets of wildlife management from prescribed burning to writing habitat plans to resolving human-wildlife conflicts.

What is one way your work is having a positive impact on natural resources and conservation?

Luckily, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of species as well as a variety of people across SW Georgia. Over the past several years I have been fortunate enough to work with restoring northern bobwhite and gopher tortoise habitat across the SW Georgia landscape. These continued efforts have resulted in an increase in both available habitat and population numbers for quail and tortoises as well as an increase in numerous other species.

How did your time at Ichauway help prepare you for your current job or career?

The time I spent at Ichauway helped me realize the importance of the connections that you make in your career and how these connections will serve you later in life. I have met some amazing mentors and colleagues at Ichauway, whose friendships will last a lifetime. I still get to work with many of these wonderful people today.

What is one fond memory you have of your time at Ichauway?

May – August 2001, May 2002 – December 2004, January 2007 – October 2009 (Graduate School) Almost all of my memories of these times are great – from trips to the swimming hole, learning how to use prescribed fire in a safe and effective manner, surveying the Ichawaynotchaway Creek for turtles, Maymester classes, spring days doing field work, or even just sitting on the front porch hanging out with colleagues. However, my most cherished memory is from the summer of 2003 when I met the woman I would eventually marry.