Graduate Students

Graduate Students at Ichauway

Becoming a graduate student at Ichauway is an immersive experience. Students live in the ecosystems they study, share that experience with a small cadre of fellow students, have broad learning experiences about natural history and natural resource management, and join the diverse community of people who live and work at the Jones Center. Opportunities are available with numerous universities and departments.

The Jones Center scientist, university advisors, and the student work together to choose a relevant research topic that fits within the Center’s and the scientist’s research program. In accordance with university procedures, the graduate advisors work with the student to craft a sufficiently detailed and quality thesis proposal, as well as the student’s program of study.

Jones Center scientists and their collaborating university faculty nominate their selections of students for assistantships. The Center Director, and the administrator of the cooperating university unit make final selections based on

  • the students’ qualifications
  • available support
  • Jones Center projects
  • opportunities for linking interests between the Center and university scientist

All academic requirements of the university must be met by the student.

Inquiries should be directed to cooperating universities, Jones Center scientists or the Director.

Financial Support

The Jones Center and cooperating universities often cost-share graduate student support. Tuition waivers and assistantship support during the students’ resident coursework on campus may be available, but details will vary depending upon the university partner. The Jones Center may provide research assistantship support while students are in residence at Ichauway. Other Jones Center support may include on-site housing, advisement, facilities, and site use, supplies and meeting travel funds.

Project Support

Despite the remote location, the Jones Center offers research support that is comparable to that found on your home campus. This support is designed to facilitate graduate student projects, allowing you to focus on your research.

General IT Support

Our state-of-the-art IT services effectively link our remote location to the broader community of academic institutions and scientific collaborators. Jones Center IT services include:

  • network access and data storage
  • wireless internet
  • email address

GIS Support

The Center’s GIS Manager provides support for spatial analysis components of projects for both scientists and graduate students. An extensive library of existing geospatial data helps facilitate these aspects your research.


An 18,000 square foot research laboratory houses scientists’ laboratories, a central analytical laboratory, and two field labs. Our central analytical laboratory allows onsite processing of soil, water, and other samples.

A newly constructed student village provides modern accommodations including a private bedroom and bathroom with shared living space.

Conservation Support

Our conservation program staff offer support through their knowledge of the property as well as assistance with site selection and site use protocols. They also work with graduate students to ensure compatibility and coordination of ongoing land management activities such as prescribed fire.

The Jones Center has supported over 170 graduate students onsite conducting research to complete M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.

Cooperating Universities

Jones Center graduate students can enroll in M.S. and Ph.D. programs at cooperating universities. Students conduct their research at lchauway under the guidance of our scientists who serve as co-advisors with faculty of co-sponsoring universities. We place particular emphasis on our graduate student programs as they are an important product of the Jones Center’s programs and continue to make lasting impacts in research, management, and conservation of natural resources in the southeastern U.S. and beyond.

Current Students & Alumni

On average, 20 or more students are in the process of working on advanced degrees at any given time, with the number of doctoral students showing steady growth over the past few years.

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