Current Students and Alumni

NameEmailThesis TitleSchoolDegreeAdvisor
Benju Baniya[email protected]Examine interactions between longleaf pine ecosystems and prescribed fire in the restoration of the groundcover diversityUniversity of FloridaMSS. W. Bigelow
Coleman Barrie[email protected]Wetland mitigation of non-point source pollutionAuburn UniversityPhDS. T. Brantley
Crystal Bishop[email protected]Impacts of hurricane damage of root colonizing insects of longleaf pineUniversity of GeorgiaMSK. D. Klepzig
Daniel Crawford[email protected]Fear, forage, and fire: white-tailed deer in pyric landscapeTexas A&M UniversityPhDL. M. Conner
Chloe Eggert[email protected]Auburn UniversityMSS.W. Golladay
Ben Gochnour[email protected]Interactions between lps beetle, associated fungi and mites, and longleaf pines under a frequent fire regimeUniversity of GeorgiaPhDK. D. Klepzig
Monica Harmon[email protected]University of GeorgiaPhDS. T. Brantley
Suzanne Henderson[email protected]Spatial and temporal patterns and ecological implications of leaf litter dispersalUniversity of GeorgiaMSJ. B. Cannon
Joseph Honings[email protected]Subsurface geology of isolated wetlandsLouisiana State UniversityPhDS. T. Brantley
George Jensen[email protected]Effects of adaptive silviculture for climate change on fuel characteristics, fire behavior, and fire effects in longleaf pine ecosystems of southwestern GAUniversity of MissouriMSJ. B. Cannon
Phoebe Judge[email protected]Effects of tree root exclusion on understory plantsUniversity of GeorgiaMSS. T. Brantley
Lewis Marquez[email protected]Emory UniversityPhDK. D. Klepzig
Emily Martin[email protected]University of GeorgiaMSS. W. Golladay
Elizabeth Parsons[email protected]Bird & Mammal Communities in Depressional Wetlands in the Longleaf Pine EcosystemUniversity of GeorgiaPhDL. M. Conner
Cody Pope[email protected]Community re-organization after windstorms in longleaf pine forestsUniversity of FloridaMSS. W. Bigelow
Sean Reynolds[email protected]Auburn UniversityMSS. W. Bigelow
Haley Ritger[email protected]Effects of fire regime on subcortical insects, tree physiology, and their interactions in longleaf pine (Pinus palustris)University of GeorgiaPhDS. T. Brantley
Stephen Scully[email protected]University of GeorgiaMSJ. B. Cannon
Justine Smith[email protected]University of GeorgiaMSL. M. Conner
Ben Webster[email protected]Auburn UniversityPhDS. W. Golladay
Kelsea Young[email protected]Insect Decomposers in the Absence of MesopredatorsClemson UniversityMSK. D. Klepzig

NameThesis TitleSchoolYearAdvisor
Robert AddingtonWater use patterns and stomatal responses to the environment in longleaf pine on contrasting sites.University of Georgia2001R. J. Mitchell
Katherine AlericResponses to varied light environments and propagation techniques of the federally endangered shrub, Lindera melissifolia (Lauraceae).University of Georgia2004L. K. Kirkman
Travis AlstadConservation genetics of the red-cockaded woodpeckerUniversity of Georgia2010L. M. Conner
Philip AshfordField methods and photogrammetric techniques for mapping aquatic vegetation using unmanned aerial systemsUniversity of Georgia2019S. W. Golladay
Carla AtkinsonFood resource quality and its utilization by a native and an invasive bivalve in a Gulf Coastal Plain stream.University of Georgia2008S. P. Opsahl
Douglas AubreyStored carbon decouples soil CO2 efflux in chronically disturbed ecosystems.University of Georgia2011R. J. Mitchell
Ashley BallouAspects of gopher tortoise (Gopherus Polyphemus) populations in Georgia: status, landscape predictors, juvenile movements, and burrow use.University of Georgia2013L.L. Smith
Coleman BarrieGroundwater flow on a karstic landscape in southwest Georgia.University of Georgia2019S. T. Brantley
Michael BattagliaThe influence of overstory structure on understory light availability in longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) forest.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)2000R. J. Mitchell
Michael BelovitchHydraulic redistribution – roots to the ecosystem.University of Georgia2018L. M. Conner
Roger BirkheadIngestion of seeds by gopher tortoises (Gopherus Polyphemus) in a southeastern pine savanna: species composition and effects on germination.Auburn University2001W. K. Michener
Kristin BlissImpact of nutrient heterogeneity on plant response and competition in Coastal plain species.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)2001R. J. Mitchell
Melissa D. BoglioliBurrow dispersion and occupancy patterns as they relate to habitat parameters and social behavior in the gopher tortoise,(Gopherus Polyphemus).Auburn University1999L. M. Conner
Jennifer BorgoReducing southern flying squirrel use of red-cockaded woodpecker cavitiesUtah State University2004L. M. Conner
Gina BotelloLarval mosquitoes in agricultural wetlands of the Gulf Coastal Plain of Georgia, U.S.A.: investigating the effects of surrounding land use, nutrient enrichment, and food resources.University of Georgia2012S. W. Golladay
Sabrie BrelandBee assemblage and vegetation across a suite of restoration conditions in a fire-maintained longleaf pine savanna.University of Georgia2015L. K. Kirkman
Jesse CanfieldWildfire dynamics: understanding some behavior trends.Florida State University2014R. J. Mitchell
Durwin CarterCarbon-fine root allocation and transfer at ecosystem scales (C-FATES).State University of West Georgia2001R. J. Mitchell
Sarah CatheyGrowth and N2-fixation of legumes native to the longleaf pine-wiregrass ecosystem.Florida State University2014L. R. Boring
Michael CherryWhite-tailed deer, coyotes, and the ecology of fear in a longleaf pine savanna.University of Georgia2014L. M. Conner
Jessica CochraneEcology of bobcats in a longleaf pine forest in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2003L. M. Conner
Derek ColbertBreeding season gobbling chronology in hunted and non-hunted populations of eastern wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2013L. M. Conner
Michelle CreechRevegetation potential of slash pile burn sites in the longleaf pine ecosystem.University of Georgia2009L. K. Kirkman
Patrick CurtinCanopy recruitment dynamics in naturally regenerated longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) woodlands.University of Missouri2017S. B. Jack
Brandon DalyObserved changes in the atmospheric surface layer during prescribed agricultural burns.Florida State University2012R. J. Mitchell
Jessica DavisStream fish response to intermittency and drying in the Ichawaynochaway Creek Basin.University of Georgia2017S. W. Golladay
Stephanie DavisAssessing impacts of animal agriculture on macroinvertebrates in intermittent Coastal Plain streams in the southeastern USA: implications for biomonitoring.University of Georgia2000S. W. Golladay
Anna DerrickSmall mammal responses to prescribed fire and simulated mammal removal in a longleaf pine ecosystem.University of Georgia2007L. M. Conner
Nicholas DeuelSpace use, interactions, extra-territorial forays and habitat selection of gray foxes (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2016L. M. Conner
David DiazEffects of growing season flow regime on stream periphyton growth in a Coastal Plain stream.University of Georgia2015P. V. McCormick
Matthew DittlerEcology of root-feeding insect assemblages in fire-manipulated longleaf pine-wiregrass ecosystems.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)2013R. J. Mitchell
Jordana DoughtyBobcat (Lynx rufus) ecology in a longleaf pine ecosystem in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2004L. M. Conner
David DysonInfluence of competition on longleaf pine seedling recruitment in selection silviculture.Auburn University2010S. B. Jack
Michelina DziadzioEffects of predation on gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) nest and hatchling survival.University of Georgia2015L. L. Smith
Michael EntrekinStorm flowpaths and biogeochemistry of a karst stream in southwest Georgia.University of South Carolina1997E. R. Blood
Sally EntrekinAbundance, biomass, and secondary production of chironomids (Diptera) in grass-sedge marshes and cypress-gum swampsUniversity of Georgia2000S. W. Golladay
Christine FallonEffects of stream intermittency on leuciscid and percid food web dynamics in the Ichawaynochaway Creek Basin, Southwest Georgia, USAUniversity of Georgia2020S. W. Golladay
Chelcy FordVariable distributions of water as a transpiration source: consequences from the tree stem to ecosystem functioningUniversity of Georgia2004R. J. Mitchell
Catherine FrockAn integrative study in the behavioral landscape ecology of Sherman’s fox squirrels: implications of animal conservation in a changing worldUniversity of Florida2019L. M. Conner
Danny GammonsRadiotelemetry studies of armadillos in southwestern GeorgiaUniversity of Georgia2006L. M. Conner
Heather GayaSampling design enhancement for gopher tortoisesUniversity of Georgia2019L. L. Smith
Elizabeth (Liz) GleimThe effects of long-term prescribed burning on ticks and tick-borne pathogen prevalence.University of Georgia2013L. M. Conner
Ivy GodboisEcology of bobcats on land managed for northern bobwhite in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2003L. M. Conner
Jessica GonynorA multifaceted approach to evaluating gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) population health at selected sites in Georgia.University of Georgia2013L. L. Smith
Darroc GoolsbyPatterns of landuse and succession in a longleaf pine forest.University of Georgia2005L. R. Boringr
Mark HaindsLegume population dynamics in a frequently burned longleaf pine – wiregrass ecosystem.Auburn University1995R. J. Mitchel
Camille HerteuxWading bird use of geographically isolated wetlands in the southeastern U.S. coastal plain.Florida Atlantic University2018L. L. Smith
Kevin HiersThe effect of fire season on legumes in a fire-maintained longleaf pine ecosystem.University of Georgia1999R. J. Mitchell
Shannon HossSpatial ecology and male reproductive biology of the Eastern diamond-back rattlesnake, Crotalus adamanteus.Auburn University2007L. L. Smith
Brent HowzeThe effect of predation on white-tailed deer recruitment at the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center.University of Georgia2009L. L. Smith
Gwen IaconaSeedling recruitment as a driver of species richness in the understory of the longleaf pine savanna.University of Florida2008L. K. Kirkman
Claire IkeSpatial variability and land use change: effects on total soil carbon contents in the coastal plain of Georgia.University of Georgia2010L. R. Boring
Elizabeth(Beth)JacqmainControls on oak composition and population size structure in frequently burned longleaf pine – wiregrass ecosystems.Auburn University1996R. J. Mitchell
Noah JansenInfluence of root branching order on fine root substrate quality and decomposition in a Pinus palustris ecosystem.University of Florida2007R. J. Mitchell
James JohnsonWhite-tailed deer camera surveys: density estimation and spatio-temporal dynamicsUniversity of Georgia2019L. M. Conner
Paula JohnsonHabitat association and drought responses of mussels in the lower Flint River Basin, southwest Georgia.University of Georgia2001R. J. Mitchell
David D. JonesCan increasing food availability alter foraging behavior of potential nest predators?University of Georgia2001L. M. Conner
Binab KarmacharyaSmall mammal response to food, fire, herbicide and predation in longleaf pine ecosystem.University of Florida2011L. M. Conner
Margaret KearnsEffects of annual flow regime on redbreast sunfish and bluegill growth in a southeastern Coastal Plain stream.University of Georgia2001S. W. Golladay
Jason KeenanComparison of two techniques that determine habitat selection by bobcats and a discussion of habitats within overlapping and non-overlapping areas.University of Georgia2007L. M. Conner
Gavin KenneyThe effects of Hurricane Michael on the structure and function of longleaf pine woodlandsUniversity of Alabama2021S. T. Brantley
Rachel KingSpatial ecology and wetland use of aquatic turtles in the Coastal Plain of Georgia.University of Georgia2014L. L. Smith
Brian KirbyEffects of forest management practices on raccoon ecology in a longleaf pine ecosystem.University of Tennessee2015L. M. Conner
Daniel KnappDevelopment and life-history traits affect larval anuran stoichiometry: a framework for understanding the role of larval anurans in wetland nutrient storage.University of Alabama2019L. L. Smith
Max LangEffects of intensive predator harvest during the quail nesting season on diet, age, and reproduction of meso-mammalian predators.University of Georgia2008L. M. Conner
Jessica LaskowskiAnimal habitat selection, foraging and fear response: from daily decisions to global patterns.University of Florida2019L. M. Conner
Anna LinerWetland predictors of amphibian distributions and diversity within the southeastern U.S. Coastal Plain.University of Georgia2006L. L. Smith
Andy LittleEcology of female Eastern wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) in frequently-burned pine savannas in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2015L. M. Conner
Andrea LongEffects of an invasive ant on invertebrates in the southeastern United States.University of Florida2015L. M. Conner and L. L. Smith
Louise LoudermilkELinking plant demography, forest fuels, and fire in longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) savannas using lidar remote sensing and simulation modeling.University of Florida2010R. J. Mitchell
Greg LynchEffects of removal on spatial organization and habitat use of bobcats.University of Georgia2005L. M. Conner
Glenn MartinEvaluating the location, extent, and condition of isolated wetlands in the Dougherty Plain, Georgia, USA.University of Georgia2010L. K. Kirkman
Katherine (Katie) MartinRestoration of fire-dependent depression wetlands.University of Georgia2006L. K. Kirkman
Nicholas MarzolfEnvironmental limits on the dispersal of invasive Pomacea maculata in Lake Seminole.University of Georgia2015S. W. Golladay
Cara McElroyDetermining landscape connectivity through amphibian abundance, community composition, and gene flow.University of Georgia2016L. L. Smith
Julie McEntireThe sources and cycling of nutrients and dissolved organic carbon in the lower ACF Basin and Lake Seminole.University of Georgia2009S. P. Opsahl
John McGuireCanopy disturbances in longleaf pine savannas.Auburn University1999R. J. Mitchell
Anna McKeeCorrelations between community diversity and within-species diversity in an amphibian assemblage: potential processes and implications for conservation management.University of Georgia2012L. L. Smith
Scott McLeayThe role of larval anurans as consumers in ecosystem processes within geographically isolated wetlands in the southeastern United States.University of Alabama2017L. L. Smith
Adam MilesBat community structure, foraging activity, and evening bat roost site selection in loblolly pine and longleaf pine forests of Georgia./td>University of Georgia2005L. M. Conner
Gabe MillerHome range size, habitat associations and refuge use of the Florida pine snake, Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus, in southwest Georgia, U.S.A.University of Florida2008L. L. Smith
Gail MorrisEffects of mammalian predator exclusion, supplemental feeding, and prescribed fire on small mammal populations in a longleaf pine ecosystem./td>University of Florida2010L. M. Conner
Tara MuenzIndicators of stream health: the use of benthic macroinvertebrates and amphibians in an agriculturally impacted area, southwest Georgia.University of Georgia2004S. W. Golladay
Maureen MulliganWiregrass (Aristida beyrichiana Trin. and Rupr.) recruitment, establishment and growth.University of Georgia2000L. K. Kirkman
Chris MurphyVertebrate refugia in the longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) ecosystem.University of Georgia2019L. L. Smith
Matthew NeatrourFactors affecting root system response to nutrient heterogeneity in forested wetland ecosystems.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)2005S. W. Golladay
Melinda NelsonHabitat selection and survival of white-tailed deer fawns in a longleaf pine ecosystem.University of Georgia2013L. M. Conner
Heather NordenSpecies biology and the life history of the federally endangered Schwalbea americana L. (Scrophulariaceae).University of Georgia2002L. K. Kirkman
Jeannine OttPatterns and movement, burrow use, and reproduction in a population of gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus): implications for the conservation and management of a declining species.Auburn University1999W. K. Michener
Kelly PeelerCaffeine as an anthropogenic source indicator in freshwater and marine systems.Florida State University2004S. P. Opsahl
Christina PerezSeasonal area of use and habitat selection by female wild turkeys in response to prescribed fire in a managed longleaf pine savanna in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2013L. M. Conner
Sara PiccolominiEvaluation of post-release movement and habitat selection behavior in reintroduced populations of the Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon couperi)Auburn University2019L. L. Smith
Elisabeth (Corrie) PietersonControl and distribution of Lygodium japonicum (Japanese climbing fern) in the southeastern United States.University of Florida2010S. B. Jack
Alex PotashThe environmental drivers of behavioral and physical antipredator adaptions in the southeastern fox squirrel.University of Florida2018L. M. Conner
Justin “JT” PynneUsing an ecosystem engineer to restore functionality of natural pinelands in the southeastern United StatesUniversity of Georgia2020L. M. Conner
Allison ReidSpatial genetic structure of four bobcat populations in the southeastern U.S.University of Georgia2006L. M. Conner
Parisa RinaldiRelationships between landscape features and nutrient concentrations in an agricultural watershed in southwestern Georgia: an integrated geographic information systems approach.Georgia State University2013P. V. McCormick
Anna RollossonFactors influencing the growth of mature longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) at a second-growth fire-managed site in southwestern Georgia.University of Florida2019S. W. Bigelow
Kathleen RugelInvestigating drivers of groundwater-surface water interaction in the lower Flint River Basin, southwestern Georgia, USA.University of Georgia2013S. W. Golladay
James Andrew (Drew) RuttingerHabitat and roost selection by male eastern wild turkeys in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2013L. M. Conner
Lindsey SargentThe influence of physicochemical characteristics and interspecies interactions on the invasion success of a non-native crayfish.University of Georgia2009S. W. Golladay
Elizabeth (Beth) SchlimmThe influence of habitat structure on squamate species richness in the Coastal Plain of Georgia.University of Georgia2013L. L. Smith
Brian SchochDiet, age, and reproduction of mesomammalian predators in response to intensive removal during the quail nesting season.University of Georgia2003L. M. Conner
Jason ScottEmpirical forecast models for guiding decision-making in complex landscapes with competing wildlife management goals.University of Georgia2011L. M. Conner
Ashley SextonHome range and habitat use of red-tailed hawks in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2005L. M. Conner
Margaret ShearintThe direct and indirect effects of the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) on seed fate in the longleaf pine ecosystem.University of Georgia2011L. K. Kirkman
Stephen ShiversTransitioning from a river to a lake: how hydrology and invasive species alter nutrient cycling and retention within a reservoir.University of Georgia2016S. W. Golladay
Stephen ShiversThe impact of submerged aquatic vegetation on nutrient dynamics and bacterial metabolism in a southeastern reservoir.University of Georgia2010S. W. Golladay
Samuel SimkinSoil disturbances created by pocket gophers (Geomys pinetis) are poor microsites for plant recruitment in a fire-maintained longleaf pine ecosystem.University of Georgia1998W. K. Michener
Chelsea SmithStream macroinvertebrate dynamics across a gradient of flow permanence in an agricultural watershed.University of Georgia2015P. V. McCormick
Adia SovieResponse of vertebrates to hardwood and shrub encroachmentUniversity of Florida2020L. M. Conner
David SteenWildlife restoration via forest management in fire-suppressed longleaf pine sandhills.Auburn University2011L. L. Smith
Sean SterrettThe ecology and influence of land use on river turtles in southwest Georgia.University of Georgia2015L. L. Smith
Glen StevensFine root dynamics in a Pinus palustris Mill. ecosystem: the role of sampling interval and the soil environment.Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)2001R. J. Mitchell
Theresa StoreyEffects of diversionary feeding on raccoon foraging behavior in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2001L. M. Conner
Stribling StuberThe relationship between land use and the ecological integrity of isolated wetlands in the Dougherty Plain, Georgia, USA.University of Georgia2013L. K. Kirkman
Katharine (Katie) StubleImpacts of fire ant invasion on seed dispersal and ant community composition in the longleaf pine ecosystem.University of Georgia2008L. K. Kirkman
Amanda SubaluskyThe role of isolated, seasonal wetlands in the ecology of the American alligator.Texas A&M University2007L. L. Smith
Andrew TaylorStatus assessment of a shoal bass population in the lower Flint River, Georgia.University of Georgia2012S. W. Golladay
Danielle TempleSpatial ecology of gray foxes on a longleaf pine forest and the surrounding landscape in southwestern Georgia.Texas A&M University2007L. M. Conner
Kelsey TurnerThe effects of habitat type, carcass size, and scavenger species exclusion on vertebrate scavenging communities.University of Georgia2015L. M. Conner
Ashley WarrenEcology of the southeastern pocket gopher Geomys pinetis in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2014L. M. Conner
Albert (Bert) WayBurned to be wild: science, society and ecological conservation in the southern longleaf pine.University of Georgia2008R. K. McIntyre
Andy WhelanCyclic occurrence of fire and its role in carbon dynamics along an edaphic moisture gradient in longleaf pine ecosystems.University of Alabama2012R. J. Mitchell
Albert (Bert) WayAdult mosquito ecology in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2009S. W. Golladay
Andrew WebbUsing seismic surveys and ground penetrating radar to map below-ground structure on Ichauway specifically focusing on the interface between soils and bedrock around wetlandsLouisiana State University2020S. T. Brantley
Susanne WiesnerEnergy density and entropy production: their role in the carbon and energy cycling of subtropical longleaf pine savannas.University of Alabama2018L. K. Kirkman
Scott WiggersSome like it hot: fire and legume germination in the longleaf pine ecosystem.Auburn University2011L. K. Kirkman
Margaret (Meg) WilliamsEffects of growing-season prescribed fire on eastern wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) nest success and poult survival in southwestern Georgia.University of Georgia2012L. M. Conner
Alexander WrightLong-term population ecology and movement patterns of gopher tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus) in southwest Georgia.University of Georgia2016L. L. Smith
Jenny WrightCarbon dynamics of longleaf pine ecosystems.University of Edinburgh2012R. J. Mitchell

Elizabeth Gleim

Assistant Professor, Biology and Environmental Studies, Hollins University

Brent Howze

Senior Wildlife Biologist

Jess McGuire

Working Lands for Wildlife Bobwhite Coordinator

Amanda Subalusky

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, UF