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Quarterly Newsletter, Spring 2023

This issue focuses on some of our water-related research and outreach efforts. We also include a feature on our decades-long red-cockaded woodpecker restoration work. 

America's Forests with Chuck Leavell

Watch the Webisode: Exploring Longleaf Pine Resilience at The Jones Center

NEON features The Jones Center in "Getting to Know Our Site Hosts"

This field site occupies roughly 3500 acres in the southwest corner of Ichauway and supports a 6-level instrument tower…

Quarterly Newsletter, Fall 2022

In addition to research, Center staff have helped lead conservation efforts for the gopher tortoise, including hosting workshops with the Gopher Tortoise Council and publishing a…

Scholarship Awarded to UGA and Jones Center Student

Congrats to Chambers English who was selected for a Georgia Environmental Conference Scholarship for his poster presentation on economics of longleaf pine restoration.

Quarterly Newsletter, Summer 2022

During breeding season, we found that shoal bass moved long distances to certain preferred shoals (50+ miles in some cases). Once breeding was…

Quarterly Newsletter, Spring 2022

A new project is evaluating the use of silvicultural treatments for releasing longleaf pine saplings…

Quarterly Newsletter, Fall 2021

A new study published in Forest Ecology and Management sheds light on ecological approaches to forestry in longleaf pine. 

News – Banking Rare Seeds for a Wild Future

GPB captures the moment we bank our first seed in a project to safeguard 14 imperiled plant species, led by Georgia DNR

News – Freshwater Mussel Video

Freshwater mussel video produced in collaboration with the Flint Riverkeeper

Quarterly Newsletter, Spring 2021

This time of the year is full of activity at the Center, especially for our graduate students…

Quarterly Newsletter, Winter 2021

Jones Center scientists are launching a new study  aiming to inform restoration of longleaf pine at the scale of entire watersheds.

Quarterly Newsletter, Summer 2020

The Jones Center is working with UGA to study the effectiveness of wild pig control methods and to quantify benefits of wild pig control on…

News – Maymester Prescribed Fire Course

Maymester prescribed fire course highlighted in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources Alumni magazine